Genesis Tires in Houston, TX

Have you thought about the tires on your vehicle lately? Chances are, if you are like most people, the thought only comes to mind when there is an issue that alerts you to a situation. Your tires are your first contact with the road and the "shoes" that your vehicle rides on, so it's important that they remain in good working condition.

HUB Genesis of Katy can help with all aspects of tire maintenance and replacement in the Sugar Land and Missouri City areas of Texas. We carry all the top name brand tires you know and trust and even offer no-obligation inspections in order to determine if you need a replacement set.

It's just one part of the comprehensive service and maintenance we offer for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs at HUB Genesis of Katy, located at 17007 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77094.

How Do I Know if I Need New Tires?

Sometimes it's easy to know if you need a new set of tires. After all, when you suffer a blowout or puncture to one or more of your vehicle tires, it's a given. There are, however, more subtle signs that you could need new tires.

One of these lesser known symptoms is if there are cracks in the sidewall of the tires. Another one is if you notice any bulges in your car tires. This can be indicative of a weak spot in the tires that could possibly lead to a blowout situation. Vibration while driving down the road is another sign that could indicate that the tread on your tires has been worn down to an unsafe level to be driving on.

We encourage you to bring your vehicle in to HUB Genesis of Katy immediately for an inspection if you notice any of these issues with your tires. Our service experts can take a look at your tires and recommend any needed service or if replacements are in order.

Discounts on Tires in Houston, TX

One of the many benefits to bringing your vehicle to our dealership for all aspects of maintenance and service is that we offer discounts on name brand tires. No matter what the brand or size, chances are we can save you money on it at HUB Genesis of Katy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Bring your vehicle in today for a no-obligation tire inspection to ensure that you can continue to safely drive on the highways and roads in the Houston, TX area.